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Autumn Risotto Pop-Up Experience at 95 Keerom and Gords’ visit

Last week was really busy and quite chilly but filled with happy, delicious moments, too…

Wednesday, 4 April 2018: Autumn Risotto Pop-Up Experience at 95 Keerom and Gords’ visit

Risotto at 95 Keerom
I’d been invited to review the Autumn Risotto Pop-Up Experience at 95 Keerom on Wednesday afternoon, so of course I accepted the offer. Each bowl was delicious, especially accompanied by Steenberg Wines’ finest.
Risotto and wine at 95 Keerom
The food and the drink. Yes, I ate all this. Click through for details and full descriptions in my official review on Bizcommunity.
Happy family moments
Gords, one of Husband’s oldest friends from our Joburg days, was in Cape Town on business on Wednesday so we jumped at the chance to see him at Husband’s parents’ house. See various happy moments below – yes, the doggies were there, too.
Chilli con carne and dogs
Husband’s Mum cooked up haggis, chilli con carne, potatoes and various veg in honour of Gords’ visit. See how thrilled Bertie was to greet Gords, also see my Mum with Bassie (my parents popped in for a quick visit, too).

Friday, 6 April 2018: Doggies warming themselves at the fire

Dogs at fire.
The doggies warming themselves at the fire last Friday evening.
Dogs on couch.
Sleepy sweethearts.
Dog under blanket
Precious little Bassie peeping out from under her blankie.

Saturday, 7 April 2018: Coffee-filled breakfast at The Daily

Con panna and latte at The Daily
The Daily at Seaside Village in Big Bay had revamped its menu so we went for a quick taste. As it was first thing in the morning, we started with coffee! See various shots of Husband’s ‘con panna’ (espresso topped with cream) and my latte.
Toasted chicken mayonnaise and eggs florentine at The Daily
To eat we went with old favourites – toasted chicken mayo in white for me, eggs florentine for Husband. See shots of how they were served on the left and after we’d doctored them with sauces on the right.
Sushi at The Orient.
After a fair deal of weekend admin we decided on an early dinner at The Orient in Eden on the Bay that evening. See various hand rolls, sashimi and maki consumed by Husband, and my cashew chicken dish bottom left.

Sunday,Β 8 April 2018: Coffee at Reload, breakfast at Tables at Nitida, liquid treats at Pakalolo

Reload Parklands
We were up earlier than necessary on Sunday so stopped for a fancy coffee treat first thing. The outside seating area at Reload in Parklands is inviting.
Peppermint chocolate latte at Reload.
See my peppermint-chocolate latte and various weekend newspapers. Sunday morning bliss.
Tables at Nitida
As we’d not seen them the day before, we met Husband’s parents at Tables at Nitida for breakfast. It’s such a pretty spot!
Tables at Nitida breakfast
Love the mosaic tables at Tables (lol) – also see my Milo shake;, the general ‘bacon-eggs-mushrooms-tomato’ brekkie ordered by Husband’s parents; my brioche French toast with jar of scrumptious caramelised bananas and nuts; and Husband’s Italian-style chorizo-pepper-feta-spring onion open-faced omelette. No wonder their tagline is ‘For the love of food!’
Tables at Nitida
Tables at Nitida always makes us feel welcome. “May all who enter as guests leave as friends.”
Klein Roosboom roses
After we’d ‘left as friends’, we stopped in at Klein Rosboom for a look around. The entry table is just so pretty. Insert heart-eyes emoji.
Klein Roosboom wine tasting
Some of the lovely sights at Klein Roosboom. We found ‘die hang gat’, where you can sit in a swing chair while tasting wine. Such fun!
Klein Roosboom cave
You can see us peeking into another of the tasting room ‘caves’ at Klein Roosboom in the mirror here.
Pokololo's beer and daquiri
Much later that afternoon, after lots of manual labour in the garden, we stopped in at Pakalolo on the beachfront for a liquid treat. It was a frosty Castle Light draught for Husband and raspberry virgin daquiri for me. Delicious!
Raspberry daquiri at Pokololo
You can just make out Husband behind my virgin raspberry daquiri here. Lol.
Pokololo daquiri
Ahh. That’s how you spend a Sunday afternoon. Sipping daquiris and staring at sea views.
Gnocchi and salad.
Mum outdid herself with homemade gnocchi and a crunchy salad for lupper that eve.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018: Overcast fiery skies at night

Cloudy sky at night
Overcast sunset sky at night…

Thursday, 12 April 2018: ‘Feel better’ pastries from Trescatelli Bakery

Cloudy sky in morning
Cloud-flecked sunrise sky in the morning.
Canoli from Trescatelli Bakery
There was a bus strike on Thursday and I wasn’t feeling 100% so worked from home that day. Day made when my parents popped in with delicious pastries! See huge mug of coffee with chocolate and vanilla-cream cannoli from Trescatelli Bakery here. Mmm.

That’s all, folks! Have a delicious weekend πŸ™‚

Banoffee shakes, suburban sunsets and Mad Hatter boss birthday parties

Hellooo, loyal blog reader! πŸ™‚

I am in quite a jolly mood today as I took a day’s leave, so instead of constantly checking emails, loading articles, drinking gallons of coffee and editing others’ writing I have been taking naps, (still drank gallons of coffee) and letting my brain reset itself after the madness of the last few weeks.

I’ve also put together a few of our most recent highlights for you below, scroll and click at your whim.

Saturday, 25 June 2016: Meet Bertie’s new dinosaur, celebratory dins at Petiscos

Banoffee shake at Daily Cafe
We returned to our local Daily Cafe for Saturday’s breakfast – I’d already had a coffee at home so kicked things off with a banoffee shake. Was delicious and went very well with my caramel-apple pancakes (ate them too fast for a snap, sorry).
Breakfast wrap at The Daily Cafe
Husband’s breakfast wrap came with a portion of mini roast tomatoes and delicious chips. I helped him finish. So kind of me πŸ˜‰
Dog and toy
The pic’s a little blurry but just look at that happy grin! Bertie’s last chew toy/TV viewing companion had finally bitten the dust so we presented him with a new fluffy dinosaur on Saturday afternoon. He loves it πŸ™‚
Lindt flake shake
Later that evening we went to Petisco’s to celebrate my 96% final exam mark for Shaw Academy’s digital marketing course that I completed after hours in May/June. The eagled-eyed among you will note this was my second milkshake of the day – this time a ‘Lindt Flake shake’. Every bit as delicious as it sounds! Also note bread basket, perfect for dipping contents of into olive oil/balsamic vinegar swirls.
Petiscos chicken
Just look at Husband smiling at his food! He went for the chicken curry, I had the half-chicken xai xai, which is a delicious creamy sauce. Husband helped me finish. Lighting was quite dark so I stitched these two pics together so you could see both ends of the table. That’s not a disappearing man to the left of me πŸ™‚

Sunday, 26 June 2016: Stunning suburban sunset

McPherson's Irish breakfast
Just look at Husband smiling at his food again. This was his ‘Irish breakfast’ at McPherson’s on Sunday morning – your usual English breakfast with a side of potato wedges. I went for the banana-caramel pancakes. Again delicious, again eaten too fast for a photo. Oops.
Chilli con carne
When we got to Mum’s for lupper that eve she had outdone herself with this steaming chilli con carne and side dishes of avo and cheese, with pitas to hold it all together. Amazing!
Dog watching TV
Bertie was entertained by the music videos playing on the iPad. He bobs his little head around and sometimes whines in tune with the songs, and seems to be very curious about how animals get into those tiny screens.
Pink sunset in Cape Town
The wind was blowing and you could just tell it would be a magical sunset from the pink patches that started seeping across the sky…
Sunset in Cape Town
It sure was pretty! We all stood on the patio for a while gazing at the prettiness above us… before the cold become a bit much.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

Mad Hatter party
Just some of the amazing ‘Mat Hatter’ themed eats and treats we surprised our big boss with on his birthday this week.
Mad hatter party
You can just see my ‘mad hat’ perched on my head – tis a tiny sombrero that usually lives on a teddy bear.
Bizcommunity Mad Hatter tea party
The Madly-Hatted Bizcommunity team. So much effort was put into this party by our entertainment committee and various in-house bakers, and the outcome was such a success. We had cake for days!

Friday, 1 July 2016: Breakfast and pastries with parents

Raith deli breakfast
After a brief lie-in, the parents popped in and treated me to breakfast at Raith deli in Gardens. This was dad’s sausagey double-cappuccino breakfast
Croissant and cappuccino at Raith's
I went for the ‘coffee and pastry’ combo instead – R35 for a cappuccino AND mammoth almond croissant, with a tunnel of almond paste along the bottom.
Forneri Italia cream puffs
The fun didn’t end there… We also stopped in for an assortment of amazing Italian cream puffs at Forneria Italia on the way home. These are all so good it’s impossible to pick a favourite. Might as well try one of each πŸ™‚

That’s all, folks! Tis set to be quite the chilly weekend here in the Cape so huddle up and keep warm.