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Happy doggy beach walks and carboloading with paella for Argus 2016

If you were a fan of the previous version of this blog, you’d already know my father-in-law drives down from Joburg to Cape Town each year around this time, both to spend some quality time with his son and to participate in the Argus. Yes, all 109km of it, despite the fact that he’s in his 70s. Click here for a reminder of last year’s Argus post, here for the 2014 rendition, and see highlights of the past week below…

We loved having Dad-in-law and Will with us - they left early on Tuesday for the long trip back to Joburg. A few of the arm-stretch selfies we took during their stay were a little blurry, but they make me smile so I made a little collage of them here. Expect more next year!
We loved having Dad-in-law and Will with us – they left again early on Tuesday for the long trip back to Joburg, post-Argus success. A few of the arm-stretch selfies we took during their stay were a little blurry, but they make me smile so I made a little collage of them here. Expect more next year!

Friday, 4 March 2016: Braai at dad-in-law’s cousins

Braai in Cape Town
This is one reason last week’s blog update was a little delayed – we had plans to be elsewhere that evening. These are our tired but happy faces, braai-ing at Dad-in-law’s cousins’ house, who live just up the street from us. Their daughter also completed the Argus this year – her first.

Saturday, 5 March 2016: News Cafe brekkie, Espana dins

Pulled pork benedict
When Husband saw a pulled pork benedict special at our local News Cafe he simply had to try it. Fully of porky deliciousness.
Muesli jar at News Cafe
My News Cafe weekend standard – the muesli jar (it’s automatically rung up at half price if you order before 10am) and a cafe latte – fun as you get a glass mug of hot frothed milk with a side jug of espresso to blend in, at your leisure.
Tikka chicken wrap at Nadeem's, Parow
We had things to do in the Parow area after dropping mum and dad off at the airport for their Ozzie trip, so popped into their China Town – had delicious tikka chicken wraps at Nadeem’s.
Evening sky in Parklands
We took the cyclists out for a final carbo-load meal that evening and the Parklands sky showed off just a little with this pretty scene.
The pizza oven at Espana
Is it an igloo? Is it half a golf ball? Nope, you’d be almost right with the last guess, though – it’s the pizza oven at Espana, the Spanish restaurant at Burgundy Estate Golf Course.
Paella at Espana in Burgundy Estate
Top choice on the menu at Espana, at the Burgundy Estate Golf Course? Fishy paella. Dad-in-law and Husband practically licked their plates clean. Will and I went for the Fettuccini Alfredo instead. It was slurpingly good. We’ll be back.

Sunday, 6 March 2016: Argus Sunday

Salmon eggs benedict at Village Place Cafe
We were up and about fairly early on Sunday, and as most restaurants in the area only open at 9 (why is this?), our breakfast options were limited. We opted for a local favourite, the Village Place Cafe at West Coast Village. This was Husband’s salmon eggs benedict…
Flapjack and cappuccino at Village Cafe
For me, the choc-chip flapjack with lots of ice cream, a jar of berry coulis, and a tall toffee-infused cappuccino to wash it down. Yummy.
Dogs on the beach
Next on the agenda was a beach walk with the doggies. They had a whale of a time as the wind had died down and it wasn’t too hot yet.
Dogs in car
Look at those excited little faces! Kreeftebaai, one of the doggy-friendly beaches between Blouberg and Melkbos, was our destination, and they knew it.
Dog in car
Everyone was lightly dusted in sand and singing happily on the way home after a few runs back and forth along the dunes and into the rock pools.
Argus 2016 finish line
Dogs safely home we headed off by bike (motorbike, not bicycle) to Green Point Stadium to cheer on the cyclists. We’d been tracking their progress through an app so had a rough idea when they’d cross the finish line. Here is Husband, waiting with camera poised.
Will finished Argus 2016
And then they were done! Will crossed the line in 4 hours 17 minutes…
Argus medal 2016
Dad-in-law did it in 6 hours 18 minutes, good enough for a medal. His start time was earlier than Will’s so he didn’t finish two hours later. The neck brace is for his arthritis.
Dog with rope toy
Having almost completely removed the stuffing from his piggy toy received for his birthday last week, Bertie spent the evening chewing on the colourful stretchy rope his grandparents gifted him. Tis almost completely unravelled.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016: Sleepy dogs and Truth coffee at conferences

Dogs in bed
We got off to an early start on Wednesday as I was attending a conference with a 7am registration time. The doggies decided they’d rather stay in bed.
Truth cappuccino at Inner City Ideas Cartel
One of the most wonderful things – complimentary coffee to wake you up and get your system firing properly when you have a busy day of note-taking, tweeting and networking ahead. This cappuccino from Truth did the trick! Click here to read my highlights from the Programmatic Summit at the Inner City Ideas Cartel in the CBD.

That’s all, folks! We’re collecting my parents from the airport tomorrow, so everything’s almost back to normal. 🙂

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