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End-of-year work lunches at Cape Point Vineyards and Fat Cactus

We’re so close now that I can almost taste the holidays. Here’s what we’ve been getting up to while waiting…

Friday, 2 December 2016: Bizcommunity’s end-of-year lunch at Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek

Cape Point Vineyards.
We were so lucky with the weather last Friday, as our end-of-year office party was being held at Cape Point Vineyard in Noordhoek. What a gorgeous venue! The inside is simply beautiful but the outside area is a clear winner as you have views across to the Noordhoek beach.
Lunch at Cape Point Vineyards
Look at that delicious food! The top shot is the snacky platters brought to the table for all to share, then you can see what I opted for from the choices per lunch course: my beef carpaccio starter, rib-eye mains with tomatoes still on the vine and a caramel-macadamia nut cheesecake dessert. So delicious.
Laughing at Cape Point Vineyards, Noordhoek
I spent lots of time laughing with my colleague Jess, who moved from Cape Town to Johannesburg earlier this year.
Cape Point Vineyard in Noordhoek
Team shot! Lots of happy faces.

Saturday, 3 December 2016: Breakfast at Company’s Garden, weekend beach walkies and paella at Espana

Eggs benedict at Company's Garden
Saturday was our last full day with Husband’s parents as they were making the long trek back to Joburg the next day, so we decided on breakfast at Company’s Garden in town. Three of us went for cappuccinos, one had a coke, and three went for the eggs benedict while one tried something new: the apple-berry crumble. So yummy, as you’ll see below.
Apple-berry crumble at Company's Garden.
The before and mid. No picture of after as the bowl was clean.
Squirrel in Company's Garden
Bellies full, we wandered around the gardens looking at all the squirrels and pigeons and plants. I also tested out this egg chair, and a squirrel darted back and forth in front of me.
Sitting in egg chair at Company's Garden
Husband joined me for this shot.
Dogs at beach
Next up, a beach visit. Good shot of how the doggies go in different directions at the beach. All the while scrambling over rocks and dipping feeties in the sea.
Dogs on beach
Both looking happy, caught mid-scramble.
Dog at beach
The three males – Husband, his dad and Bertie in a calmer-than-usual moment.
Dogs at the beach
These are two very happy doggies after beach walkies.
Espana Burgundy Estate
For our final dins with Husband’s parents we ate at a firm family favourite, Espana in Burgundy Estate. Here is Husband demonstrating the outside and almost blending in with the decor inside.
Paella at Espana
To eat, we all went for the paella and all ate every morsel. My father-in-law also opted for their cinnamon-sugar pancakes. A lovely night.
Sunset over Table Mountain from Burgundy Estate
The sunset over Table Mountain and the sea from Burgundy Estate is always a treat.

Sunday, 4 December 2016: Greens breakfast and 2016 Christmas trees

Green's, Plattekloof Village
Parents safely on the long road back home, we stopped in at Greens in Plattekloof Village for breakfast. I had the waffle with caramel, banana and icecream, while Husband had the mushroom-spinach benedict. That’s my cappuccino and his breakfast Cola.
Christmas trees.
Amongst some weekend admin I also admired the pretty Christmas tree in a local nursery on the left, put up my own tree that evening and helped Mum decorate hers when we went for dins that eve.

Monday 5 to Thursday, 8 December 2016: Final team lunch at Fat Cactus

Champagne at work
T’was the birthday of one of my colleagues on Friday and as she’d taken the day off we didn’t get to celebrate with her at our end-of-year. She brought in all sorts of deliciousness on Monday so we ‘cheers-ed’ her belatedly then.
Green chameleon
We took a break from our desks for a few minutes of sunshine and spotted a little green chameleon trotting along. See how very green he is!
Fat Cactus Woodstock.
Thursday was our final team lunch of the year. We went across to the Fat Cactus and were back at our desks just over an our later. I went for the pulled-pork soft tacos and espresso shake.

It’s another two weeks of work, then Husband’s brother comes down to stay with us for a few weeks over the Christmas break. Exciting times! πŸ™‚

Cape Town’s rainbows, wintery beaches and the Hout Bay cannon

You know that sad, sad situation? No, not the one Elton John has been singing about for decades now. The one where your body seems to handle a stressful situation well… Then the stressful situation passes and you fall prey to every passing bug and sniffle? Yes, THAT sad, sad situation. Husband and I have both been there the past few days – luckily his horrible head cold is finally passing, but my recovery is still a few days behind.

That’s not to say we’ve been missing out on fun times of late. Oh no, quite to the contrary…

Friday, 22 July 2016: Rainbow after heavy rain in Cape Town

Cape Town rainbow
Taking snaps of rainbows is no easy task, and they usually don’t turn out well at all. This rainbow last Friday morning was so impressive we all took a turn at photographing it out of the office window.

Saturday, 23 July 2016: UK treats and Spanish dinners

Treats from UK Emporium
No trip to Cape Town is complete if you’ve not visited the UK Emporium. The shop, tucked away in a business park walking distance from Paddocks Shopping Centre, offers all sorts of international goodies – often marked down if they’re nearing expiry date. I tried the ‘Raspberry & Passionfruit’ Fanta and ‘Rocky Mallow Road’ choccies. All bright, fruity flavours.
Coffee at Flamingo Vlei
The weather turned a little overcast again so Husband decided to take Mother for a coffee to warm up. Just look at the two of them at Reload in Flamingo Vlei! I’ve decided to call this picture ‘Concentration’. πŸ™‚
Chocolate peppermint latte at Reload
One does not mess around with one’s coffee order. That’s why I went for the chocolate-peppermint latte – It was just what I needed to ward off the chill for a little while.
Walking on melkbos beach
Suitably perked up, we set off by vehicle and ended up at the Melkbos side of the Cape coastline. Husband was brave enough to dip his feet in the icy sea. We weren’t.
Beach in winter
T’was so cold I was positively shivering in my jersey, you wouldn’t think so from Captain Summer’s breezy tee-shirt, though!
Pizza at Espana
After a bit more sightseeing it was time to meet my parents at Espana in Burgundy Estate for paella. Here is Husband with Mum and Dad, who went for a pizza instead of the paella, as you can see…
Paella at Espana
You can just make out the pans of paella in this shot. We ate it all, scraping our pans clean and bringing home leftovers for lunch where we failed to do so.

Sunday, 24 July 2016: News Cafe breakfast, exploring Hout Bay

News Cafe early bird special
You wouldn’t think we’d be hungry again the next morning, but hungry we were! So we all met at the nearest News Cafe as we love their early bird English Breakfast special.
Signal Hill
Next, we set off for Signal Hill. Mother refused to take a photo in the National Geographic frame that’s hiding behind a tree to the right of this shot, but she was fine with posing like this. Clearly we have no such qualms.
Deep-fried Bar-One at Hout Bay market
Next stop? The Hout Bay market! We’d worked up a fair appetite by then, so the other two found some delightful sushi type meals – I couldn’t walk away from the ‘deep-fried Bar-One’ stand without trying them. Quite delightful as the carmel sauce oozes out when you bite into the piping hot pastry. Three like this for R20. Click here for reminder of the deep-fried Oreos you can get at Hudson’s.
Hout Bay cannons
We also wandered around the grassy bits at the back of the market, where you can gaze at the shore opposite and stand almost directly in the cannons’ firing line, as we did.
Hout Bay cannon
Passing boats also found themselves ‘in the firing line’, teehee. Such a pretty shot.
Hout Bay
Lo and behold, Husband’s former colleague Chris was having exactly the same sort of sight-seeing Sunday! I convinced the two of them to stand together for a pic (imagine them making pirate type noises while doing so). Click here for a reminder of Chris’ steampunk-themed wedding, almost two years ago.
Constantia scenery
Beautiful greens, blues and greys as we travelled back home a little later.
Cartoon dogs in car
Following a brief nap we set out again, this time with the doggies, for a beach walk. Note that even though I used the ‘cartoonify’ filter, you can still clearly see Bassie looks concerned while Bertie stands up to peek over his dad’s shoulder, such excitement! πŸ™‚
Dog on beach
After much dashing about like a blur and looking in the wrong direction, we got Bertie to look almost at the camera during his walkies.
Dogs on beach
Haha. By the time we got to Bassie’s photo, everyone but me had given up and already turned back for the long walk back to vehicle.

Monday, 25 July 2016: Doggies deliberate over #HillsDreamMaker delivery

Hill’s Pet Food is very kind to our doggies, often dropping off treats and samples of new products that might tempt them to switch their tastes. Here’s a reminder of their blog on the Hill’s Ideal Balance Food and Lazy Bed pouch if you’ve forgotten. On Monday, they got their latest delivery…

Dogs on couch
See? Doggies pretending to be sleeping on the couch when we got home from work on Monday evening ,so they clearly knew something was afoot.
Hill's and dog
Ever-so-beautifully packaged, the image on the left is how the delivery arrived at Husband’s work. The pic on the right shows Bertie’s excitement. He even dropped his ever-present dinosaur toy to pay full attention to the occasion.
The HillsDreamMaker
But, after much sniffling around it and Minion-type conversation, Bassie decided it’s her new favourite thing. Here is she in the pillow, beneath a blankie, in front of the fire Husband lit that eve. She didn’t budge. If you’d like one for your own pet, have a look at your nearest vet this August. Tell them Bassie sent you πŸ™‚

That’s all, folks! Hope you’ve steered clear of all the cold-season germs out there so you can enjoy your weekend…

Beach days, Moyo cocktails and some of Cape Town’s best sunsets

Another week has come and passed, and here we are again, looking back at the past seven days’ highlights…

Saturday, 9 April 2016: Foodlover’s Market breakfast, Espana paella and Burgundy Estate sunsets

Foil ducks
Ha! This was too funny not to snap a pic of. While walking through our local Foodlover’s Market on Saturday morning Husband struck a pose near these marked-down Easter chocs. ‘Foiled again!’
Cafe latte at Foodlover's Market
Once we reached the eating area we ordered my cafe latte right away.
Omelette at Foodlover's Market
Husband peppered up his omelette and washed it down with a breakfast Cola.
Pancakes at Foodlover's Market
I went with the ‘Bar-One and banana pancakes’. They were delicious.
Mussels at Blouberg
Of course we headed to the beach once the day started to heat up. There was such a low tide that Husband waded right in and plucked some mussels, which he cooked and ate at home.
Reading on the beach
Me? I was happy to sit in the shade and catch up on some reading.
Sea at Blouberg
Just look at that clear sea!
Moyo Eden on the Bay
Not ready to go home just yet we headed on to Moyo at Eden at the Bay in Big Bay and had these delightful drinks – a Turkish Delight shake for me, and tiki cocktail for Husband.
Tiki cocktail at Moyo
Husband sipping on his cocktail…
Moyo face painting
Of course I had my face painted. Apologies for the squinting, you couldn’t see the intricate pattern in full when we tried the same shot with my sunnies on. Note our feet were in the water as we sat at the ‘surfboard tables’.
Beacon's white marshmallow egg.
We bought a box of white marshmallow eggs – marked down to R24 for 24 at our local Pick n Pay. Look at how well my manicure matches the wrapper!
Sunset at Burgundy Estate
And before we knew it, the day was nearing its close. This is the gorgeous sunset we snapped from the balcony at Espana in Burgundy Estate. Husband and dad played a round of golf then we all sat down to a pan of paella. So yummy.
Paella at Espana
Husband and mum, enjoying their paella…
Paella at Espana
Dad and me doing the same thing at our end of the table. I’d rubbed off much of the Moyo face paint by then.
Sunset in Burgundy Estate
Then we looked outside and noticed the beautiful colours of the sky.
Sunset in Burgundy Estate
Dad and me had our photo taken in front of the pretty sky…
Sunset at Burgundy Estate
As did Husband and mum.

Sunday, 10 April 2016: Spur breakfast, doggy beach walk

Cafe latte at Spur
This was my Spur cafe latte first thing on Sunday.
Dog swimming in the sea
My furry son loves swimming in the sea.
Dacschund on rocks at sea
Little Miss Bass also had a lovely time scrambling over rocks – much more adventurous than her usual safe trots along the coastline.
Dog in car.
Only one of us is smiling in this pic but we’re all happy, I promise. And Bertie’s running around in the back, we didn’t leave him at the beach – despite how much he’d love that.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016: Working at The River Club

The River Club, Cape Town
My office for the day on Tuesday was the River Club in Observatory. I was there to cover a media launch in the morning and a business meeting in the afternoon. What a relaxing setting.
Protea at the River Club
Pretty protea as part of the table decor at the River Club.
Lights at the River Club
The eye-catching lights in the stairwell at the River Club.
Slug and Lettuce burger at the River Club
My lunch meeting at The River Club included their ‘famous’ beef burger and chips. I washed this all down with a coffee shake.
Sunset in Cape Town
Husband snapped this shot of sunset that evening from our rooftop.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016: Palm tree sunset

Palm trees Table Mountain sunset
I caught a later bus home than usual on Wednesday as I covered an event close to the office after work. This is what sunset looked like when we passed Woodbridge Island on the bus. Love those palm trees.

That’s all, folks! Have a fun-filled weekend. πŸ™‚

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Staycation March 2016 highlights

I’ve been on leave this past week (yay) so stress levels have been at an all-time low. Here are a few of my highlights and pretty sights from in and around Cape Town. Most of them included relaxing and sharing laughs with my loved ones, but warning: There’s a worrying amount of food served on breadboards and foamy coffee shots ahead…

Saturday, 19 March 2016: News Cafe breakfast, Burgundy Estate golf and Espana paella

Pulled pork eggs benedict from News Cafe
Husband wanted the pulled pork eggs ben from News Cafe last Saturday morning, so that’s just what he got!
Muesli jar at News Cafe
For me, the early bird muesli jar – ate every mouthful.
Espana steer heads
Saturday’s chores sorted, we headed off to Burgundy Estate’s mashee golf course, where Husband and Dad had planned a game of golf. This is the outer wall of Espana restaurant, on the same grounds.
Burgundy Estate golf course
Swinging golf clubs and raising flags on the course while Mum and I read and chatted.
Cappuccino while watching golf at Burgundy Estate.
Dad tallying up their exact same scores while Mum and I finished up our cappuccinos.
Table Mountain sunset thorn tree
Sunset and Table Mountain through the thorn trees at Burgundy Estate.
Paella at Espana
Paella served! Me with Mum and Dad before we tucked in. So very yummy. I had the non-fishy version, with chicken, paella and pork belly ribs.
Dom Pedro at Espana
Dom Pedros to end the night on a fun note.

Sunday, 20 March 2016: Doggy tummy tickles, outdoor eating at Ons Huisie

Tickling dog tummies
We couldn’t start our Sunday without tickling these sweet doggy bellies. Proof that Bertie’s mainly a white doggie with brown cape and mask.
Cappuccino at Ons Huisie
We’d not been to Ons Huisie in a while so ventured that side for brekkie. This is me with my cappuccino, wind was a-blowing and it certainly felt like Autumn had reached Cape Town.
Curried mince and egg at Ons Huisie
Husband, tucking into his curried mince and egg on brown. Not pictured: My open toast – eggs and bacon on brown, drizzled in Hollandaise sauce.
Duck boat display at Stark Ayres
Interesting display of stranded duckies and lilies in a boat at our local Stark Ayres nursery.
Dog licking cup.
Later it was time for lupper at Mum’s. Here is Bassie reaching the very dregs of lemon mousse out of her Granny’s cup.

Monday, 21 March 2016; Heritage Day at Wimpy and Banana Jam

Wimpy double up.
This picture is not an illusion. Husband and I both ate the exact same thing on Monday – as it was a public holiday we were finally able to try the ‘Double up’ breakfast at Wimpy, where you get two for the price of one.
Grilled poppers at Banana Jam
After a day exploring the factory stores in Kenilworth, we ended up at Banana Jam for a late lunch. All hungry, we started off with these ‘grilled poppers’ as a starter, wrapped in bacon.
El Capitan burger at Banana Jam
Husband opted for the El Presidente burger – there’s a grilled chicken patty, chorizo, cheese and jalapenos under all that pepper. πŸ˜‰
Banana split.
If I see banana split on the menu, that’s what I’m having…
Coconut shake
The coconut shake at Banana Jam is among the best I’ve ever tasted.
Banana Jam
Group shot! Mum and Dad are in the sun, Husband and me in the shade outside at Banana Jam.

Tuesday, 22 March: Taproom lunch at Devil’s Peak Brewing Company

Taproom, Salt River
This is where the parents took me for lunch of Tuesday – my first solo day of leave without Husband. Situated in ‘that angled building’ in Salt River, the Taproom is a treat for the eyes – and nose. You can’t get away from the hunger-enhancing scent of hops in there.
Taproom, Devils Peak Brewing Company
So much to choose from! This was Dad’s Pale Ale and the ‘so many choices’ menu.
Soup and sandwich
Most amazing grilled cheese. It’s three layers of sammich, with Swiss cheese on top and served with a delightful pesto-tomato soup on the side.
Sausage platter at Taproom
Dad ended up with the sausage platter. All homemade, served with toasted rye, wholegrain mustard and sauerkraut. He left not a crumb on his plate.
Devil's Peak Brewing Company
That’s either a high five, five stars, or a friendly wave from Dad. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016: Carlucci’s lunch break

Carlucci's drinks
We didn’t head far from home on Wednesday – just up to the beachfront for a quick deli bite to eat. These were our drinks – latte for me thick, healthy red and green juice for Mom and Dad.
Caramel cheesecake at Carlucci's
Could not resist the caramel cheesecake. Shared with Mum.
Table Mountain art at Carlucci's
As seen on the walls at Carlucci’s, I just don’t know which of these Table Mountain-inspired artworks I’d choose – probably the middle one as it’s very purple.

Thursday, 24 March 2016: Coffee at Royal Bavarian Bakery

Cappuccino with foam art at Royal Bavarian Bakery, Waterfront
On Thursday we headed off bright and early to the V&A Waterfront for a spot of window shopping, coffee inhaling and movie-watching. Didn’t our cappuccinos look lovely together?

That’s all, folks. And now it’s the Easter long weekend. We’re set to be hit by a cold snap so expect to see us dressed in woolly layers in the next update…

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Happy doggy beach walks and carboloading with paella for Argus 2016

If you were a fan of the previous version of this blog, you’d already know my father-in-law drives down from Joburg to Cape Town each year around this time, both to spend some quality time with his son and to participate in the Argus. Yes, all 109km of it, despite the fact that he’s in his 70s. Click here for a reminder of last year’s Argus post, here for the 2014 rendition, and see highlights of the past week below…

We loved having Dad-in-law and Will with us - they left early on Tuesday for the long trip back to Joburg. A few of the arm-stretch selfies we took during their stay were a little blurry, but they make me smile so I made a little collage of them here. Expect more next year!
We loved having Dad-in-law and Will with us – they left again early on Tuesday for the long trip back to Joburg, post-Argus success. A few of the arm-stretch selfies we took during their stay were a little blurry, but they make me smile so I made a little collage of them here. Expect more next year!

Friday, 4 March 2016:Β Braai at dad-in-law’s cousins

Braai in Cape Town
This is one reason last week’s blog update was a little delayed – we had plans to be elsewhere that evening. These are our tired but happy faces, braai-ing at Dad-in-law’s cousins’ house, who live just up the street from us. Their daughter also completed the Argus this year – her first.

Saturday, 5 March 2016:Β News Cafe brekkie, Espana dins

Pulled pork benedict
When Husband saw a pulled pork benedict special at our local News Cafe he simply had to try it. Fully of porky deliciousness.
Muesli jar at News Cafe
My News Cafe weekend standard – the muesli jar (it’s automatically rung up at half price if you order before 10am) and a cafe latte – fun as you get a glass mug of hot frothed milk with a side jug of espresso to blend in, at your leisure.
Tikka chicken wrap at Nadeem's, Parow
We had things to do in the Parow area after dropping mum and dad off at the airport for their Ozzie trip, so popped into their China Town – had delicious tikka chicken wraps at Nadeem’s.
Evening sky in Parklands
We took the cyclists out for a final carbo-load meal that evening and the Parklands sky showed off just a little with this pretty scene.
The pizza oven at Espana
Is it an igloo? Is it half a golf ball? Nope, you’d be almost right with the last guess, though – it’s the pizza oven at Espana, the Spanish restaurant at Burgundy Estate Golf Course.
Paella at Espana in Burgundy Estate
Top choice on the menu at Espana, at the Burgundy Estate Golf Course? Fishy paella. Dad-in-law and Husband practically licked their plates clean. Will and I went for the Fettuccini Alfredo instead. It was slurpingly good. We’ll be back.

Sunday, 6 March 2016: Argus Sunday

Salmon eggs benedict at Village Place Cafe
We were up and about fairly early on Sunday, and as most restaurants in the area only open at 9 (why is this?), our breakfast options were limited. We opted for a local favourite, the Village Place Cafe at West Coast Village. This was Husband’s salmon eggs benedict…
Flapjack and cappuccino at Village Cafe
For me, the choc-chip flapjack with lots of ice cream, a jar of berry coulis, and a tall toffee-infused cappuccino to wash it down. Yummy.
Dogs on the beach
Next on the agenda was a beach walk with the doggies. They had a whale of a time as the wind had died down and it wasn’t too hot yet.
Dogs in car
Look at those excited little faces! Kreeftebaai, one of the doggy-friendly beaches between Blouberg and Melkbos, was our destination, and they knew it.
Dog in car
Everyone was lightly dusted in sand and singing happily on the way home after a few runs back and forth along the dunes and into the rock pools.
Argus 2016 finish line
Dogs safely home we headed off by bike (motorbike, not bicycle) to Green Point Stadium to cheer on the cyclists. We’d been tracking their progress through an app so had a rough idea when they’d cross the finish line. Here is Husband, waiting with camera poised.
Will finished Argus 2016
And then they were done! Will crossed the line in 4 hours 17 minutes…
Argus medal 2016
Dad-in-law did it in 6 hours 18 minutes, good enough for a medal. His start time was earlier than Will’s so he didn’t finish two hours later. The neck brace is for his arthritis.
Dog with rope toy
Having almost completely removed the stuffing from his piggy toy received for his birthday last week, Bertie spent the evening chewing on the colourful stretchy rope his grandparents gifted him. Tis almost completely unravelled.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016: Sleepy dogs and Truth coffee at conferences

Dogs in bed
We got off to an early start on Wednesday as I was attending a conference with a 7am registration time. The doggies decided they’d rather stay in bed.
Truth cappuccino at Inner City Ideas Cartel
One of the most wonderful things – complimentary coffee to wake you up and get your system firing properly when you have a busy day of note-taking, tweeting and networking ahead. This cappuccino from Truth did the trick! Click here to read my highlights from the Programmatic Summit at the Inner City Ideas Cartel in the CBD.

That’s all, folks! We’re collecting my parents from the airport tomorrow, so everything’s almost back to normal. πŸ™‚

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