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Cape Town’s rainbows, wintery beaches and the Hout Bay cannon

You know that sad, sad situation? No, not the one Elton John has been singing about for decades now. The one where your body seems to handle a stressful situation well… Then the stressful situation passes and you fall prey to every passing bug and sniffle? Yes, THAT sad, sad situation. Husband and I have both been there the past few days – luckily his horrible head cold is finally passing, but my recovery is still a few days behind.

That’s not to say we’ve been missing out on fun times of late. Oh no, quite to the contrary…

Friday, 22 July 2016: Rainbow after heavy rain in Cape Town

Cape Town rainbow
Taking snaps of rainbows is no easy task, and they usually don’t turn out well at all. This rainbow last Friday morning was so impressive we all took a turn at photographing it out of the office window.

Saturday, 23 July 2016: UK treats and Spanish dinners

Treats from UK Emporium
No trip to Cape Town is complete if you’ve not visited the UK Emporium. The shop, tucked away in a business park walking distance from Paddocks Shopping Centre, offers all sorts of international goodies – often marked down if they’re nearing expiry date. I tried the ‘Raspberry & Passionfruit’ Fanta and ‘Rocky Mallow Road’ choccies. All bright, fruity flavours.
Coffee at Flamingo Vlei
The weather turned a little overcast again so Husband decided to take Mother for a coffee to warm up. Just look at the two of them at Reload in Flamingo Vlei! I’ve decided to call this picture ‘Concentration’. πŸ™‚
Chocolate peppermint latte at Reload
One does not mess around with one’s coffee order. That’s why I went for the chocolate-peppermint latte – It was just what I needed to ward off the chill for a little while.
Walking on melkbos beach
Suitably perked up, we set off by vehicle and ended up at the Melkbos side of the Cape coastline. Husband was brave enough to dip his feet in the icy sea. We weren’t.
Beach in winter
T’was so cold I was positively shivering in my jersey, you wouldn’t think so from Captain Summer’s breezy tee-shirt, though!
Pizza at Espana
After a bit more sightseeing it was time to meet my parents at Espana in Burgundy Estate for paella. Here is Husband with Mum and Dad, who went for a pizza instead of the paella, as you can see…
Paella at Espana
You can just make out the pans of paella in this shot. We ate it all, scraping our pans clean and bringing home leftovers for lunch where we failed to do so.

Sunday, 24 July 2016: News Cafe breakfast, exploring Hout Bay

News Cafe early bird special
You wouldn’t think we’d be hungry again the next morning, but hungry we were! So we all met at the nearest News Cafe as we love their early bird English Breakfast special.
Signal Hill
Next, we set off for Signal Hill. Mother refused to take a photo in the National Geographic frame that’s hiding behind a tree to the right of this shot, but she was fine with posing like this. Clearly we have no such qualms.
Deep-fried Bar-One at Hout Bay market
Next stop? The Hout Bay market! We’d worked up a fair appetite by then, so the other two found some delightful sushi type meals – I couldn’t walk away from the ‘deep-fried Bar-One’ stand without trying them. Quite delightful as the carmel sauce oozes out when you bite into the piping hot pastry. Three like this for R20. Click here for reminder of the deep-fried Oreos you can get at Hudson’s.
Hout Bay cannons
We also wandered around the grassy bits at the back of the market, where you can gaze at the shore opposite and stand almost directly in the cannons’ firing line, as we did.
Hout Bay cannon
Passing boats also found themselves ‘in the firing line’, teehee. Such a pretty shot.
Hout Bay
Lo and behold, Husband’s former colleague Chris was having exactly the same sort of sight-seeing Sunday! I convinced the two of them to stand together for a pic (imagine them making pirate type noises while doing so). Click here for a reminder of Chris’ steampunk-themed wedding, almost two years ago.
Constantia scenery
Beautiful greens, blues and greys as we travelled back home a little later.
Cartoon dogs in car
Following a brief nap we set out again, this time with the doggies, for a beach walk. Note that even though I used the ‘cartoonify’ filter, you can still clearly see Bassie looks concerned while Bertie stands up to peek over his dad’s shoulder, such excitement! πŸ™‚
Dog on beach
After much dashing about like a blur and looking in the wrong direction, we got Bertie to look almost at the camera during his walkies.
Dogs on beach
Haha. By the time we got to Bassie’s photo, everyone but me had given up and already turned back for the long walk back to vehicle.

Monday, 25 July 2016: Doggies deliberate over #HillsDreamMaker delivery

Hill’s Pet Food is very kind to our doggies, often dropping off treats and samples of new products that might tempt them to switch their tastes. Here’s a reminder of their blog on the Hill’s Ideal Balance Food and Lazy Bed pouch if you’ve forgotten. On Monday, they got their latest delivery…

Dogs on couch
See? Doggies pretending to be sleeping on the couch when we got home from work on Monday evening ,so they clearly knew something was afoot.
Hill's and dog
Ever-so-beautifully packaged, the image on the left is how the delivery arrived at Husband’s work. The pic on the right shows Bertie’s excitement. He even dropped his ever-present dinosaur toy to pay full attention to the occasion.
The HillsDreamMaker
But, after much sniffling around it and Minion-type conversation, Bassie decided it’s her new favourite thing. Here is she in the pillow, beneath a blankie, in front of the fire Husband lit that eve. She didn’t budge. If you’d like one for your own pet, have a look at your nearest vet this August. Tell them Bassie sent you πŸ™‚

That’s all, folks! Hope you’ve steered clear of all the cold-season germs out there so you can enjoy your weekend…